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Imagine living your life feeling completely healthy, happy and joyfully abundant
in every moment.

Whatever problem or issue you're facing,
Theta Healing can help you to move past what's been holding you back and
allow you to heal your life

faster than you ever
thought possible.

What is Theta Healing?
Theta Healing is a revolutionary energy healing method which is helping people around the world to transform their lives on the deepest level using the power of the subconsious mind.   It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to help you achieve the life you deserve.

Imagine your Mind is Like an Iceberg.  The tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind and beliefs that we are aware of and can easily see in our daily living, but responsible for less than 10% of your thoughts.  Theta Healing addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs below the surface that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health, and our deepest joy.

Clear Limiting Beliefs at Their Deepest Level. Using Theta Healing, limiting subconscious beliefs are instantly and permanently shifted into beliefs that are self-empowering and aligned with what we consciously desire.
This alignment is necessary to create the life you desire! 

How Does Theta Healing Work?
The powerful Theta brainwave state allows beliefs to be easily identified and aligned with our conscious desires. Theta Healing works on the cellular level to remove physical and emotional block, re-engineering cellular memory. This is not hypnosis, as you are conscious and completely aware at all times. 

Learn to Tap into your own Healing Ability. We all have the ability to access this self-healing power, we are created to heal ourselves and have this innate ability within. You are doing your own healing with Theta Healing, let us show you how to naturally and effortlessly tap into your own healing ability and watch your health, relationships and overall life improve - you will be amazed!

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.  When the deepest causes of a problem are resolved, then powerful and immediate life transformations will result. Never has it been so easy to make such profound and life changing shifts to our subconscious minds. What's true for us on the inside, reflects perfectly on the outside - in our lives!  So as long as you want to create real change in your life, then you're ready to heal with Theta Healing.

                  Bruce Lipton - 11:41

Find out Why We Need More than Just Positive Thinking
Watch cellular biologist
Bruce Lipton, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, as he explains how the subconscious mind is like a "tape player" and in order to make changes, we need to find a way to "hit record" to change our programs rather than just "think positively".

Theta Healing is a fast and effective method of reaching the subconscious mind directly.  It allows you to make the changes you want to see in your life consciously and effectively!

You'll be amazed at how fast your limitations can be removed and how fast you'll be able to change your life! 

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Fox News Segment explains ThetaHealing
(May 2007, 3.5min)

How Can Theta Healing Help You?
Life's challenges are either to teach us something or created because we subconsciously feel it's protecting or helping us in some way. It's normal for people to feel like a victim to their circumstances, and to blame their parents, friends, society or bad luck for their life and their circumstances. 

Virtually every area of your life can be empowered using ThetaHealing.  Identifying limiting beliefs, past traumas, disappointments and earlier decisions we've made can help you easily unblock yourself to experience the best you can be!

Tired of the same life patterns? 
With Theta Healing, Transform your life from the inside - out!

   Unlock your highest potential
   * Vibrant Health
   * Self Development
   * Spiritual Growth
   * Emotional Well being
   * Fulfilling Relationships
   * Creativity
   * Career & Finances
   * Self-Esteem
   * Fun and Recreation

   Free yourself of limitations
   * Anger, Resentment, Grief, Guilt or Fears
   * Pain and Illness
   * Addictions and Phobias
   * Chronic Negative Thinking
   * Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
   * Sleep issues
   * Excess Weight
   * Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol
   * Childhood and Adult Traumas
   * Feelings of Worthlessness
   * Depression & Anxiety
   * Allergies and Sensitivities
   * Feeling "Stuck" or Confused
   * Lack of Purpose or Motivation
   * Poverty Consciousness 
   * Sexual Issues
   * Unresolved and Many Other Issues


Michele Burt


Halifax, Nova Scotia

1 Hour Sessions are $98 
In person, Skype or phone.

Theta Healing
Certified Practitioner Courses

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"I cannot thank you enough for your talents.  Even though I know we all have the power to heal ourselves, sometimes it really helps to have an intuitive and wise facilitator to help guide us over the rough spots and dig deep.  Michele you have a talent and compassion for dealing with the subconscious mind like no one I have seen. The changes I have witnessed in my thoughts, my emotions and those of my daughter are truly amazing. Bye Bye therapist, hello Theta Healing! Thank you!!" ~C.G. Bedford

Latest Updates!

Halifax, Nova Scotia
October  2016
Game of Life
Oct 14th-16th
Friday Oct 14th 5:30-9pm
Sat & Sun 9:30am -5:00pm

Location: 405 Larry Uteck Blvd

Earlybird $566
payment due by Sept 23th

 Registration Deadline & regular payment due Oct 7th $665. 

Pay by credit card thru paypal or e-interac


Charlottetown, PEI
Oct 28 -Nov 1, 2016

 Basic ThetaHealing 
Advanced ThetaHealing

Save with Early Registration
Pay Before Oct 7th $467
Take both $900

Regular Price $530 /class
Registration Closes Oct 14th.

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