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Imagine living your life feeling completely
healthy, happy and joyfully abundant 

in every moment.

Whatever problem or issue you're facing, 

ThetaHealing can help you to remove blocks and barriers  that may be holding you back and allow you

to create a Life you Love.

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Fox News Segment explains ThetaHealing
(May 2007, 6.5min)

You'll be amazed at how fast your
limiting beliefs can be removed and how fast
you'll be able to change your life!  

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What is ThetaHealing®?
ThetaHealing® is a revolutionary energy  method which is helping people around the world to transform their lives on the deepest level using the power of the subconscious mind.   It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to help you remove obstacles in your way of achieving the life you deserve. 

Imagine your Mind is Like an Iceberg.  The tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind and beliefs that we are aware of and can easily see in our daily living, but responsible for less than 10% of your thoughts.  ThetaHealing® addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs below the surface that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal expression of health, and our deepest joy. 

Clear Limiting Beliefs at Their Deepest Level.  Using ThetaHealing, limiting subconscious beliefs are instantly and permanently shifted into beliefs that are self-empowering and aligned with what we consciously desire. This alignment is necessary to create the life you desire! 

How Does ThetaHealing® Work?
The powerful Theta brainwave state allows beliefs to be easily identified and aligned with our conscious desires. ThetaHealing® works on the cellular level to remove physical and emotional block, re-engineering cellular memory. This is not hypnosis, as you are conscious and completely aware at all times.  

Learn to Tap into your own Healing Ability. We all have the ability to access this self-healing power, we are created to heal ourselves and have this innate ability within. You are doing your own healing with ThetaHealing®!

Let us show you how to naturally and
effortlessly tap into your own healing ability and watch your health, relationships and overall life improve -

you will be amazed! 

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.  When the deepest causes of a problem are resolved, then powerful and immediate life transformations will result. Never has it been so easy to make such profound and life changing shifts to our subconscious minds. What's true for us on the inside, reflects perfectly on the outside - in our lives!  So as long as you want to create real change in your life, then you're ready to heal with ThetaHealing®.

I took a course with Michele this past August. It really was a life changing experience. The world of possibilities is open to you, all you have to do is use it. The statement "you can change your reality" IS a reality with Theta. Michele is a wonderful teacher, with great skills. She is a true example of someone who believes in what she does and does it extraordinarily well." ( Ellen K, Ontario)

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What is ThetaHealing®?

Love Your Life with ThetaHealing®
Change your Beliefs...Change your Life!

Vianna Stibal - ThetaHealing® Founder

Vianna Stibal founded ThetaHealing® in 1995 when she received a spontaneous healing from cancer through the All That Is. After being taught how to connect with the All that is, Source, Creator, God, Divine Presence (you name it) to co-create and facilitate this unique process called ThetaHealing®, Vianna knew that she must share this gift with the world.

It was her love and appreciation for the Creator and humankind that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body and witness many instantaneous healings on herself, clients and students.

In 2000 she began to certify others to teach this amazing modality. She has dedicated her life to the Creator, teaching others the realization that we are one. Through this journey, she has found ways of helping herself and others to have health, love and joy. She’s taught in 30+ countries with over 300 000 practitioners sharing this method worldwide.  For more about Vianna Stibal click here.

Find out Why We Need More than Just Positive Thinking
Watch cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (PhD), an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, as he explains how the subconscious mind is like a "tape player".  In in order to make changes, we need to find a way to "hit record" to change our programs rather than just "think positively".

Tired of the same life patterns?  
With ThetaHealing®, Transform your life from
the inside - out!

   Unlock your highest potential
   * Your Highest Expression of Health
   * Self Development
   * Spiritual Growth
   * Emotional Well being
   * Fulfilling Relationships
   * Creativity
   * Career & Finances
   * Self-Esteem
   * Fun and Recreation

   Free yourself of limitations
   * Anger, Resentment, Grief, Guilt or Fears
   * Pain and feelings of Dis-ease
   * Addictions and Phobias
   * Chronic Negative Thinking
   * Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
   * Sleep issues
   * Excess Weight 
   * Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol
   * Childhood and Adult Traumas
   * Feelings of Worthlessness
   * Depression & Anxiety
   * Allergies and Sensitivities
   * Feeling "Stuck" or Confused
   * Lack of Purpose or Motivation 
   * Poverty Consciousness  
   * Sexual Issues 
   * Unresolved and Many Other Issues

ThetaHealing® is a fast and effective method of reaching the subconscious mind directly.  It allows you to make the changes you want to see in your life consciously and effectively! 


ThetaHealing is a personal development and energy healing modality, combining spirit and science, allowing the creation of wellness in all areas of your life. Read More

Learning ThetaHealing is your direct path to creating a Life you Love!  You can use ThetaHealing for yourself or to help others live their best lives.  Start Here